After close scrutiny and some really inspiring listening, we have selected our Sleepwalk Emerging Guitarist for our inaugural 2011 year. Graham Young, of Newmarket Ontario will take home the 1000 dollar prize as well as the amplifier from Traynor.

Remember when you were playing hockey as a kid and the opposing team had a player so advanced and mature that your coach had to confirm that he/she was in fact 15 and not 19? Graham is that player. His touch and phrasing are extraordinary for any player but as a 15 year old, he is simply astounding. What is even more remarkable about Young is the evidence of the countless hours he has spent with the guitar in his hands. I know many seasoned 40 year old pros who clearly haven’t spent the hours that this 15 year old has. As he matures, we will see where he goes as an artist. I look forward to hearing what kind of music he creates as he pulls out from under the (many) influences and establishes himself as a contributor to the greater musical landscape, both as a guitar player & a musician in general. I expect we will be hearing a great deal from him in the future.

See Graham’s winning entry here

Congratulations Graham!