Most of the Camming industry is very hard to crack into. At our company, we’ve seen girl after girl run into the same exact problems if they try to do it on their own. Just because more people are trying to get into it doesn’t mean that there still isn’t TONS of money to be made if you are a beautiful woman.

Ready To Earn Money?

If you look at sites like Chatturbate or Myfreecams, it’s difficult to actually make a decent amount of money if you’re not online and in your room all day. Most of the ladies that are successful at this work 12 hours a day in order make it work. What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s much easier to do things in the pay per play way on something like OnlyFans.

But.. That’s not the whole story….

We often see girls go on their own and end up earning only a few hundred bucks. This is because these poor girls just don’t have the guidance and the know how to take their profile and fans to the next level. Your success depends on the right coaching and guidance, which is something that we provide.

Every girl that has worked for ModelManage has gotten into at LEAST top 3% of all creators. They do this because of our proven method and process to catapult them to the top and the life of luxury they have always dreamed of.

We started helping ladies make money on OnlyFans since the beginning. From the start we understood what it took to be successful. One of the biggest ways to be successful isn’t often clear. One of the biggest misconceptions about app is that you make most of your money from the subscriptions. WRONG. The way to do it is from the greatest copywriting our staff can provide. Often models will make 5-25x times more from just the interactions and images they sell, all because we have dialed in the magic words to say in order to make guys go crazy and empty their wallets for you.

We highly recommend applying to be coached with OnlyFans. Our girls make anywhere from 200%-500% more money when they have the guidance from us. Unfortunately we can only take on so many girls, so if you apply please be patient before we get back to you on a call.

Why OnlyFans as Opposed to Chatturbate or Myfreecams?

OnlyFans is the biggest emerging platform that has the most opportunity. Right now most guys know exactly what OnlyFans is and are paying huge money in order to be a part of it. For most guys, they aren’t comfortable paying for cam sites but are much more comfortable with OnlyFans because the platform is much more societally friendly.

They think of it just as a place where girls can earn a little extra money from all of the attention that they are getting from guys and it’s no big deal since women’s time is so valuable. Therefore, many normal people are totally willing to pay a little bit in order to get the attention and the prospect of getting a girlfriend from an OnlyFans girl.

This is super useful for those looking to monetize their instagram, tic toc, or other social media platforms.

Once the guys subscribe to your feed, inside they will be able to see any content that you post. They also get to interact and engage with you as a model and they get the privilege to talk to you. One of the best things about OnlyFans is that they are incredibly good about blocking and security. They have features where you can also block certain geographical location.

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